“FIREFLY” ⅓ Scale Locomotive 









This little 7¼inch gauge steam locomotive named Firefly; built by Willis Light Engineering in Perth around twenty-seven years ago, it is a ⅓ scale model of a two foot gauge logging locomotive and is owned by one of our members, this loco continues to entertain our visitors and has a true to life steam train whistle, which can be heard several kilometers from Ewing Park.



“Donald” Freelance Diesel Locomotive




Based on an industrial/cane locomotive currently named Donald this Loco has many stories to tell, built approximately twenty years ago and was originally nick-named “The Fridge” because of its original shape being a rectangle box and painted white in colour.  Donald has just had an over-haul to its running gear and a great new paint job; the loco will continue to serve us for many years to come.  


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