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Welcome to Logan Model Engineering, the home of all things miniature and different. We run miniature steam and diesel trains on our track in Ewing Park, Woodridge. Our public running days are every second and fourth Sundays of the month, we can also be found doing public displays at local markets and fetes, teaching about steam and the engines that it drives.

Our trains are a great venue to host a birthday party in the Logan City area as it is much more fun than a jumping castle, and with electric BBQs in the park it is easy to organize a great birthday party, and the kids can have fun as well.

Come down to the track or email us for more details!

We are not just about miniature trains our members come from varied walks of life and work on all things engineering, from building modified side-cars on motorbikes for disabled friends, repairing full size gliders to heritage stationary engines. We even have members who have full machining, welding and sheet metal workshops at home, so if you have an interest or would like to learn some new skills come down and say hi, it’s a good way to meet new people.

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